After Sale Service

What We Offer:

1. Product Quality Assurance—We provide two-year after-sales service for most of our products.

2. Transportation Services—Most customers hope to receive their products as soon as possible after production. We provide customers with fast and stable logistics channel services, including sea, air and rail transportation. Generally, depending on the destination, it takes about 10 to 30 days to reach the destination by sea transportation, and about 2-7 days for air transportation depending on the voyage. Our staff will help you throughout the process until you receive the product.

3. Free Warehouse—We have a part of the spare space in the factories, which can be used to store customers’ products, if customers do not want to receive their products immediately.

4. Production Tracking—We track each order from beginning to end, leave data records for each link through computer technology, and keep samples. In this way, we can ensure that our customers get high-quality products to the greatest extent. If there is any problem during or after production, we can know the problem in time and correct the error quickly.

5. Trust—We follow up on the customer’s product sales, promptly propose solutions based on customer and market feedback, and implement them after consulting with customers.

What Our Clients Get:

1. We ensure that your equipment runs at peak performance at all times.

2. You gain access to a competent service force that is available and ready whenever and wherever they are needed.

3. You can depend on high-quality service.

4. You can focus on building a high value image.

5. You can get a top supplier with advanced equipment and strong R&D technical strength in the field of fragrance.