Before starting any business, market analysis is crucial – this includes the perfume industry. Analyzing the market gives you a clear understanding of the market and the risks involved. That way, you make informed decisions based on the facts you already know.


In 2018, the estimated market size of perfumes was $38.8Billion. Being a large industry, you’ll expect all perfume entrepreneurs to be wealthy. However, only the ones who have done proper market research have a share in this perfume market.


Using Amazon and eBay as case studies, OS Fragrance analyzed over 80,000 perfumes. This perfume market analysis explains the online perfume market and a breakdown of the perfume market trends. It also describes the sales of various perfumes and the online sales volume in the US and UK. Likewise, you’ll learn about the market trend and how branding can affect perfume prices.

How We Conducted the Perfume Market Analysis


Conducting proper research and analysis of the perfume market isn’t a tea party. However, it’s a very crucial part of the perfume business. Let’s discuss how we did this research.


Firstly, we made sure all perfume items under analysis were up for sale. We excluded some products, as including them in this analysis will increase the expected results.


While researching, we observed similar monthly sales from February to October. In this report, we analyze the sales data in July alongside data from December of past years. Furthermore, we divide perfumes into three; parfum, eau de toilette, and cologne – we call this perfume market segmentation.


Perfume market analysis can be tiresome, but it is essential. Of course, that is if you have an interest in the perfume business. If you plunge into the perfume market without proper research, you’re prone to costly errors.


Here at OS fragrance, we dig deep and wide to understand the trends of the perfume market. That helps us maintain our position as top producers and our perfume quality. Completing perfume market analysis can be tedious – which is why we provided this report. We are hopeful that this report gives you the necessary information you require.

Perfume Market Trend of 2004~2020 (from google trend)

perfume industry trends



To start with, let’s take a look at the trend of the perfume market size since 2004. Following statistics provided by google trends, the perfume popularity index has been rising for a decade. Simply put, consumers of perfume have continuously been increasing for ten (10) years.


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic had adverse effects on the perfume business’s trends between April and June. That didn’t go on for long as the perfume market rebounded in this third quarter of the year.


Following the facts and figures we have, we can make some reasonable conclusions. Just like in the past years, the perfume popularity index should peak in December. As a result, there will be many consumers during this peak period.


Many companies use the first two quarters of the year for research and production planning from what we know. On the contrary, they use the third quarter for large-scale production and delivery. Yearly, they do this primarily to target the perfect sales season for perfume. As a result, the perfume production coincides with the needs of perfume consumers.

 perfume market size of countries

Studying the graph above, you’ll notice that the color in Brazil is more pronounced than the others . That is because Brazilians are perfume lovers. Consequently, the perfume market size in Brazil will be larger due to many consumers.


No perfume market analysis can accurately pinpoint the total value of the perfume market size. On this note, this report is only a guide to predict the perfume market. It is not a perfect market description; neither does it give an absolute market value.

We can conclude that the largest perfume consumer market is in the United States of America through our findings. That means the Americans buy the most perfumes in the world!

Online Perfume Market Report Of US & UK

USA UK Perfume Sales Volume

USA UK Perfume Sales Value

USA UK Perfume Average Price


In the USA, the online perfume market has increased by 14.3% between 2014-2019. This increase brought the market value to $16.2 billion. That is mainly due to the rise in the number of consumers.


However, the average perfume industry growth in the UK is just 1.9% between 2015-2020. That figure leaves us with a whopping 12.9% difference in development amidst the two countries.


That explains why there is a clear difference between both markets in the graphs above. The first picture shows the sales volume of both countries per ten thousand pieces. Combined, the USA and UK have a sales volume of 54.4. When divided, we discover that over 70% of that figure comes from the USA.


The graph is a description of the sales(per $10,000) amount from both nations. Together, they are about 2109.9. But, the breakdown shows that the USA is responsible for an impressive 1499 out of that figure.


The third graph isn’t any different. The chart shows the average perfume price (in dollars) for the two countries. Averagely, they sell at $38.78; But the average perfume price in the USA is $39.24. These graphs indicate that there are more perfume consumers in the US than the UK.

Analysis Of Different Perfume Types

Perfume typs sales volume

perfume typs sales value

perfume typs average price


If you are in the perfume business, you must understand the perfume market segmentation.  It merely means grouping perfumes. We have divided perfumes into three types; parfum, eau de toilette, and cologne(there are 5 perfume types actually).


Colognes are usually composed of alcohol mixed with about 2-4% perfume oils – last for two hours. For eau de toilette, it has between 5-15% perfume content and lasts for three hours. Lastly, parfum has a perfume concentration between 15-20% and lasts for up to eight hours.


The first picture shows the sales volume(per 10k pieces) of each of these groups. The eau de toilette leads with twenty-three (23). Right after it comes parfum and lastly, cologne with 17 and 14.4, respectively. This graph means people purchase the eau de toilette more than others.


The next figure’s pie chart depicts the sales amount (per $10k) of each group. Again, the amount of sales from the eau de toilette leads the pack with 973.8. The sales amount for cologne and parfum is 379.6 and 756.3, respectively. That means that eau de toilette makes more sales than its counterparts.


The third graph shows the average prices, with parfum being the most expensive at $44.49

Brand and Sales Research

 Perfume Brand Postioning & Pricing

Perfume Brand Postioning & Pricing Sales Value

Perfume Brand Postioning & Pricing 2


Based on branding, an analysis of the perfume market groups perfume types into four. These are luxury, influencer brands, small brands, and brandless. Below are their various definitions:


  • Luxury brands are perfumes created by big industry names. Examples include Chanel, Dior, and Tom Ford
  • Influencer brands are perfumes created by a popular and influential figure who doesn’t necessarily know perfumes well, but have a huge fan base. Examples include Blue GLOW by JLo, and Rogue by Rihanna.
  • Small brands are perfume brands whose brand names aren’t famous in the perfume industry
  • Brandless perfume brands are perfumes that don’t even have a brand at all.

The first picture shows the sales volume (per 10,000 pieces) of each brand. Surprisingly, we see that the smaller brands/brandless have higher sales volume than the others.


In the second and third figures, we can see something contrasting. That graph represents the sales amount(per $10k). We can see that the monetary value of the luxurious perfume sales is higher than the others. Usually, this is primarily because of the price difference.


In the fourth picture, the graph shows the average prices. As expected, the luxurious perfumes are at the top of the ladder, with an average of $53.50. Now, we can infer that people buy perfumes from small brands because of the cost. And the sales amount of luxurious brands are higher because of the prices.

Brand Positioning and Pricing and Sales



Parfum Sales Volume on Amazon

Parfum Sales Value Report On Amazon

Parfum Average Price research on amazon

Parfum items percentage on amazon research


In this section of this perfume market analysis, we discuss how branding and pricing affect sales. The pictures above show how branding affects the perfume market segmentation, “parfum.” From the first picture, we can see that the sales volume of the brandless is the highest. But, the sales amount in the second figure shows that luxurious parfum has a higher sales value.


In the third and fourth pictures, we see the average prices and percentage of perfume items. Of course, the luxurious and influencer brand perfumes are more expensive than brandless. But, there are more brandless and small brand perfumes in the market. That is mostly because they’re the cheapest – which attracts more consumers.


2.Eau De Toilette:

report of Eau De Toilette Sales Volume on amazon

Research of Eau De Toilette Sales Value On Amazon

Eau De Toilette Average Price on amazonEau De Toilette Items Percentage on amazon


For the Eau de roulette, brand positioning has more effects. From the first picture, we can see most of the sales volume goes to luxurious brands. As expected, this affects sales’ value, with the luxury brands having the highest sale amount.


Furthermore, the luxurious Eau De toilette maintains the pinnacle position for prices, as shown in the third figure. Surprisingly, the fourth picture’s available items say the small brands still have more perfume items. We can conclude that the smaller brands are leveraging at low prices for deals.



 Cologne Sales Volume Repost of AmazonCologne Sales Value Analysis of AmazonCologne Average Price on amazonCologne Items Percentage on amazon


For the cologne perfume market, the small brands are the chief executives. In the first picture, the brandless have over 500% more sales volume than others. Similarly, the sales volume represented with the pie chart in the second picture describes the same. Small brands heavily dominate the cologne perfume market size of the influencer brands and luxury combined.


Averagely, the prices of these smaller brands are still meager. However, of all the colognes in the market, small brands take 79%. That only means small brands heavily dominate the cologne perfume market size. The apparent reason is the reduced price value of the brandless cologne.



Who would have thought that the smaller brands can dominate the online market? Perfume market analysis is the reason we now have this information.

Here’s a summary to simply the above information even further:

1. With the statistics acquired from Google trend, we know that perfume popularity and market size increases yearly. 

2. The business was briefly affected by the pandemic during the second to the fourth quarter.

3. After the United States, Brazil comes next in terms of perfume popularity.

4. Yearly, perfume sales increase by about 500% in December. Furthermore, the average sales in December always double the average sales of the other months.

5. From this perfume market analysis, we know that the USA market size is bigger than the UK, with about 250%.

6. Based on this research, people prefer perfumes with high concentration. As a result, Eau de roulette and parfum have the highest market shares of 46% and 36%.

7.The luxurious perfume brands take in more profit. In terms of sales volume, they only take 35%. But, that amounts to 48% of the sales value.

8. On the contrary, small brands and brandless have a combined sales volume of 45.8%. But, their total sales amount accounts for only 35.3%.

9. Mostly, luxurious and influencer brands majorly produce eau de toilette and parfum.

10.  For the small brands and brandless businesses, they fully dominate the cologne group. More than 80% of cologne sales are for low-end brands.



From this perfume market analysis, we can figure that the annual sales value of perfumes on Amazon in the USA and the UK lies between 350 to 600 million dollars. Another side, The global perfume industry size was valued at USD 31.4 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2019 to 2025.

It is important to remember that this analysis is for the online market alone. Several more opportunities abound for both online and offline markets. Therefore, favourable investment opportunities are available in the perfume industry to explore.