Custom Perfume Bottles

Many people don’t even need to see the names printed on perfume bottles to recognize their favorite fragrance. All they need to see is the shape of the bottle, the bottle cap, and maybe even the font of the lettering to know, “Yes, this is my brand.” Most perfume makers aspire to own those fragrances you remember without trying. A substantial ingredient to make such a situation materialize is your glass perfume bottle.

How does that work? We’ll give you an example. Here’s a perfume by La Prairie. It’s called Midnight Rain, and it looks like the night sky blended into a raindrop. You’ve never smelt this cologne before, have you? But it’s very likely that you now want to know if it smells as good as it looks.

That’s the power of packaging. A pretty perfume bottle may do nothing but sit on the shelf, but it also draws the eye and entices the buyer. Brain scan studies have shown that seeing attractive items trigger the part of the cerebellum that controls hand movements. Imagine that beautiful, irresistible item being your perfume bottle.


Steps to Developing Your Custom Bottle

There are four steps to creating your perfect perfume bottle. Like most processes, the beginning is harder than the end, so the first few steps involve the most work from the perfumiers and the manufacturer.

Design Concept

The most important person in this step is the perfume maker. The glass will house the scent he created, so it is critical to get his vision for the bottle and incorporate it into the first designs. However, the perfume maker’s opinion and insight is not the only important factor. It is best to conduct market research for a perfect creation and get a few for what designs the customers will appreciate.

You will also have to add the designer’s opinions. Only he will tell you what is needed, what is possible, and what is impossible.

Then, the budget needs to be considered. You’ll have to pick a design that’ll be affordable for manufacturers, suppliers, and, most importantly, buyers. In this way, you’ll be able to obtain a beautiful design, representative of the scent, and won’t go beyond the purchasing power of your buyer.

The design concept also involves making a model of your glass design in 2D. The first few drafts (you will have several) will be hand-drawn and in 2D.

Next, it becomes digital and turns your design into a 3D concept. This will require strong technical knowledge on the part of your designer because they will have to figure out the scale, dimensions, structure, etc. of every single piece. This includes the cologne bottle, cap, and spray mechanism.

Doing this will allow all parties involved to get a good look at the cologne and check for further improvements


Design Concept perfume

3D Rendering

The next step is 3D Rendering. This step consists of using the computer to help the perfume maker view the glass bottle as a finished product. That is, it tests the perfume with different effects. Some of these effects will include techniques that we’ve discussed above, such as hot stamping, masking/frosting, vacuum coating, etc.

This part is exceedingly important because it allows the perfume maker and other stakeholders to view the finished product before starting the process. This means that they can see all possible versions of the scent before work is done, giving them a more unobstructed view of how they want the glass perfume bottle. Because of this step, there won’t be as many mistakes and wasted materials, as there would have been if the perfume maker was choosing blindly.

3D Rendering perfume bottle

3D Prototyping

A prototype is the preliminary version of your perfume bottle. It is not the full finished version; it is only a test version made to examine the result. This step is crucial. It is a test for not only the glass perfume bottle but the process it takes to create it.

Each process and cycle will take a certain amount of money and effort. The perfume maker and all stakeholders need the prototype to make sure the cologne is a viable product. They need to make sure that the product can be mass-produced and is worth producing in the first place. That is, is it profitable?

Another thing that makes this step so important is the actual testing of the scent and glass bottle to make sure everything goes well together. This is essential because if there’s a problem with production that is not detected until the product is publicized, it could spell disaster for the perfume.

3D Rendering perfume bottle

Bottle Decoration Techniques

One thing that’s most often ready before bottle is the perfume’s name. Your brand’s name should also have been well established at this time. So, apart from designing your perfume bottle’s looks, you also need to ready your lettering. Can’t have a blank bottle, now can you? Here are some decoration techniques you can use to add some sparkle to your custom glass perfume.



Let us start with something well-known. Labeling refers to the fine art of printing your product’s name, brand name, or logo onto a piece of quality paper, adding some glue to the blank side, and slapping it on perfume bottle. Relatively simple, right?

That’s because it is, but that doesn’t mean that labeled perfume bottles look unattractive. Think of your label as a blank canvas, ready for you to make into a masterpiece.

Features of Labeling:

  • With labels, you can have your colorful prints put on both sides of the bottle walls, up to 90 degrees angle.
  • Some labeling, if not done correctly, can lead to bubbles and wrinkles.
  • Sometimes, some labels don’t take precise positioning.
      custom bottle Labeling
      custom bottle Labeling
      custom bottle Labeling

      Heat Transfer

      Heat transfer can also be called digital transfer. This technique involves printing your text or logo onto a transfer paper. Then, the text’s ink is transferred to a fabric or object through heat and pressure.

      Features of Heat Transfer:

      • Heat transfer allows reverse printing. With this feature, you can print your image both at the front and the back correctly.
      • You also get a four-color-process that makes your glass perfume bottles decoration translucent and opaque.
      • With heat transfer, you can get a single and multi-color gradient that you cannot achieve with pad printing or screen printing.
      • Heat transfer also allows you to have halftone effects.
      • Because it’s a bit more complicated than screen promoting or pad printing, it is sometimes difficult to find outstanding designs.
      heat digital transfer bottle
      heat digital transfer bottle
      heat digital transfer bottle

      Silk Screen Printing

      Silkscreen printing is excellent for bold, loud prints. It has a fairly intricate process. First, your design is created and then used to create a stencil. Then a mesh screen is selected to suit the complexity of your design. It goes through several processes before the ink is pressed through a stenciled mesh screen onto your glass perfume bottle, which forms the design.

      Features of Silk Screen Printing:

      • Silk screen printing allows you to print translucent colors without any variation in the color tone.
      • Screen printing can also design tapered jars and conical jars.
      • You can also print 360 degrees on any glass without any distortion.
      • Silk printing requires specific materials like gold and palladium. This can make it a bit costly.
      • Items with multiple prints or colors require perfect placement. This can prove difficult for some silk screen printers.
        Silk Screen Printing bottle
        Silk Screen Printing bottle
        Silk Screen Printing bottle

        Hot Stamping

        This method is also known as hot stamp printing or hot foil printing. It utilizes heat to transfer pre-dried ink or foils onto an object. This is one of the most versatile and cost-effective techniques as manufacturers can use any color they wish. However, it’s not great at printing small details.

        Features of Hot Stamping:

        • With hot stamping, you get a custom foil color for any metallic color of your choice.
        • You can also decorate over regular flint bottles or frosted bottles.
        • Hot stamping also produces multi-colored artwork over irregular surfaces.
        • Hot stamping also provides hologram patterns.
        • Hot stamping primary colors might be a waste of resources because the technique is best used for intricate designs or colors.
         hot stamp printing or hot foil printing
        hot stamping
         hot stamp printing or hot foil printing

        Vacuum Coating

        Vacuum Coating is recognized as a type of metallization. But specifically, the design technique is called vacuum coating. It is the process of using vacuum technology to create a condensable vapor source to spray a thin film or coating. This film adds extra protection to your perfume bottle, so the glass doesn’t break easily. we can offer translucent metallization, true metallic gradients. This can be a  hassle for other suppliers, but not for us.

        Features of Vacuum Coating:

        • With vacuum coating, you can decide whether you want your metallic finish to be solid or translucent.
        • Create metallic gradients with vacuum coating. You can create several fades on the design, making it incredibly attractive.
        • Vacuum coating allows you to modify the metallic texture of the glass you are designing. You can decide to give it a metallic crackle finish if you please.
        • It can be expensive to achieve the perfect look with this technique.
        Vacuum Coating metallization
        Vacuum Coating metallization
        Vacuum Coating metallization


        This process is also known as masking. Frosting involves making tiny marks on a surface to make it look matt (dull and flat), instead of polished. If used on your custom glass perfume bottle, it’ll make the glass look mysterious and delicate.

        Features of Frosting:

        • Frosting makes your perfume bottles beautiful to behold. They simply make an already completed look all the more appealing.
        • Frosting also allows you to add any time of decoration on it. This means you can pair techniques when you choose to frost.
        • This technique can also make your glass bottles soft to the touch. It gives them a soft satiny feel.
        • Because most frosting works require multiple techniques, it can be time-consuming.
        • It is sometimes costly.
        frosting glass perfume bottle
        frosting perfume bottle
        frosting atomizer bottle

        Pad Printing

        Pad printing is printing a 2D image onto a 3D object like your glass bottles. It can be used for printing on heavy objects. This method is done through an indirect offset via a silicone pad. This means that your glass bottle can be shaped strangely and can still be printed upon. This process can only be done through silicone as only the unique characteristics of silicone allow the text and pictures to be printed on all sorts of shapes and materials.


        Features of Pad Printing:

        • With pad printing, all the colors are correctly registered. This makes it extremely attractive for luxury customers.
        • Pad printing allows you to inscribe print decoration over the angles and delicate curves that some other styles might not be able to do.
        • Pad printing provides a multicolor in-line with solid colors or halftones. This means you can achieve an ombre effect of a four-color process with pad printing.
        • The process can only be carried out through silicone.
        Pad Printing perfume bottle
        Pad Printing perfume bottle
        Pad Printing perfume bottle


        Here’s a technique that is meant specifically for glass. In this process, the glass’s surface is chemically treated, which results in a loss of transparency. In other words, your custom glass perfume bottle will become opaque and attain a certain roughness. But the roughness won’t be enough to make it unpleasant to touch. This process can be done entirely automatically as well, so costs for your glass perfume bottle are significantly reduced.


        Features of etching:

        • Etching costs less than most other techniques(depend on the etching method).
        • The etching does not take a lot of time for production.
        • Some etching processes might cause varying results. The chemicals can reach in any direction and reflect differently on several parts.
        Etching bottle
        Etching perfume bottle
        Etching perfume bottle

        Spray Coating

        Spray coating is the perfect way to differentiate your product from the competition. This is the process of spraying bottles with a coating of ink, either transparent, translucent or opaque to reach a desired effect. Matte or Gloss coatings can also be stipulated. We can achieve color combinations, finishes and textures that make any bottle a spectacular work of art.


        Features of spray coating:

        • Splendid and smooth pattern.
        • Achieving specialty looks such as metallic, luster or pearled finishes in any color (could be applied with metallization together)
        • Spraying translucent, opaque and frosted finishes as well as color gradations and fades
        Spray Coating
        Spray Coating
        Spray Coating bottle


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