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Humans have been harnessing natural scents from trees and plants around us for as long as we can remember. The result is often a sweet-smelling fragrance of some sort, applied to our bodies for a certain level of elegance.

In today’s modern world, perfumes have evolved slightly beyond the traditional.

As a top tier perfume manufacturer, we are well versed in the most advanced technology that makes owning your own luxurious perfume  brand possible. With our access to more advanced technology, we can make this luxury product even more exquisite. The result of this is thousands of different fragrances, sizes, quantities, and even packaging designs.

While many people are drawn to the smell of perfumes, people often underestimate the power of custom packaging boxes. Small as it might be, a custom box can do wonders for your brand’s perception, among other things.

That’s why we’ll be putting the custom perfume box at the center of our discussion today.

The Functionality of Perfume Boxes

A custom packaging box performs the same functions as its importance. That is, it builds recognition, attracts customers, and protects the bottle.

However, in trying to meet all the specific functions of a custom packaging box, you need to make sure you don’t lean too much in one direction. For example, if your glass is extra delicate, you might be inclined to fortify your perfume box. You might want to pad the custom packaging box all around so that it makes your bottle practically shatterproof.

While this is a relatively noble cause, it’s not exactly the best path to wind down for your box. We don’t need to tell you that an excessively bulky custom product packaging box could be a turnoff. If you’re focusing too much on fortification, you might reduce the aesthetics of the custom box.

In the same vein, while trying to ensure you have excellent design, you shouldn’t neglect the protection function either. The keyword here is balance!

Develop Your Unique Perfume Box

As a perfume manufacturer, we are glade to do it for you.

Size and Shapes Variety

When we say something is custom-made, it means that we create it in line with your specific requirements. If you want your custom packaging box to have a large packaging design, we will get that done for you. If you’d rather be more conservative with your box dimensions, we will get that done for your box too.

So, in terms of shape and size in custom box packaging, you have nothing to worry about. As a top tier supplier and manufacturer, the box we make will be tailored to suit your needs.

However, you need to remember that your perfume box packaging shouldn’t be too big. If it is, it could be a turnoff to your potential perfume customers. We will use only the custom perfume box dimensions that you’ll need to attract your perfume buyers. Nothing more and nothing less.

perfume packaging box
perfume packaging box
perfume packaging box
perfume packaging box
perfume packaging box

Perfume Packaging Materials

More often than not, a custom perfume packaging box is made of cardboard. Of course, there are other materials like tin, glass, acrylic, and even corrugated paper.

However, cardboard seems to be the most popular material for custom packaging boxes these days. Here’s why:

1. It is safe for the environment. Unlike plastic that’s often poorly disposed of, it’s a lot easier to reuse and recycle a cardboard box. So, using it helps perfume companies and custom packaging box producers to protect the earth.

2. It is economically friendly. Compared to such materials as tin, acrylic, or even plastic, cardboards are pretty cheap. They’re easy to acquire and use for as many custom purposes as required.

3. Cardboard allows for numerous levels of creativity and customizations on the custom perfume packaging box. With a pair of scissors and enough creativity, even a junior high school student can work wonders on cardboard. They’re easy to cut through, fold, bend, etc. This makes them perfect for customizations.

4. It is a lot easier for branding purposes. Much like paper, you don’t need too much effort to print your perfume branding materials on the custom cardboard box.

Box Printing and Coating

There are several ways that you can print your custom perfume box. There’s digital printing, offset printing, screen printing, CMYK, PMS, etc.

In terms of coating for the packaging of your custom perfume box, you could use gloss, spot UV, or even matte.

Whatever you choose to use for your custom perfume box, ensure that it is cost-effective and attractive as well. Perfumes are all about how you make your customer feel. If you don’t meet the mark by giving them something attractive like a custom box, you might lose customers.

Importance of Perfume Package Box

There are many reasons why a custom perfume box is a good idea. At the top of all those reasons are these three:

1. Custom packaging helps to protect your merchandise

No standard brand will sell its product inside their production/packaging warehouse. This type of business strategy ridiculously limits the amount of revenue they can pull in because customers want convenience. So, inevitably, they’ll have to send out their perfume to be shipped to other countries and placed on mall shelves. That’s how they’ll earn their profit.

Unfortunately, this transportation process can be pretty rough on the bottles. Considering that most fragrance bottles are made of glass, without a proper custom packaging box, the bottle could easily break when it falls.

With an exceptionally designed custom perfume box, however, the chances of this happening are limited. So, you won’t have to worry too much about losing merchandise before it gets to customers. Also, you won’t have to worry about customers complaining about your bottle’s short lifespan because of how easy it is to break. The packaging box guarantees optimal protection.

2. The packaging box helps to attract customers

This is another important factor outside helping you to protect your merchandise. There are several perfume brands with excellent custom packaging, each with a beautiful box. Alongside that, their fragrances underneath the boxes are all too appealing to ignore. The meaning of all this is that you have a ton of competition to deal with.

Under such circumstances where your customers cannot get the full experience of your product before purchase, the perfume box is the next best thing. You might want to think otherwise, but people judge books by their covers (or boxes in this case) quite a lot. If you want to reel them in, give them an excellent custom packaging box.

When you’re sure that the packaging box offers a great perfume packaging design, you can rest easy. Customers will definitely be more inclined to buy from you. After all, who doesn’t want a little bit of luxury added to their lives every now and then?

3. Custom packaging boxes are great for brand recognition

In business, your brand is just as important as anything you can think of. It is the combination of things that enables your customers to interact with you. It is what defines your personality as a business entity.

With several businesses, services, and products competing for attention in the world today, your brand is what sets you apart. It requires quite an amount of creativity and ingenuity to pull off. Alongside that, you need to expose your customers to it often enough. This will enable them to have a solid imprint of your brand in their minds.

When you think of all this for your perfume packaging box, it can be a bit daunting. However, if you use the right mixture of colors and shapes on your box, you really don’t have much to worry about. With a consistent and unique custom packaging box, you can build brand recognition in your customers.

That way, they’ll be less likely to mistake you for another or forget who you are. Eventually, this simple effort of creating a good perfume packaging box will translate to better sales.

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